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A Little About me

My name is Sora, you can call me Sora, Lilly or Yukino, but I usually get called Lilly since it's easier for people to remember me that way haha. I'm a cosplayer, well more like still a novice since I've only just be able to start to afford to buy my own cosplays but none the less still a cosplayer at heart :) I love to cosplay the less popular and less loved characters from Vocaloid and Animes, maybe cosplay a few popular ones every so often. But the less popular ones are fun since you can stand out and it makes it easier for my friends to find me :3

Model downloads:…

Pokemon X FC:
mmd pride badge/stamp by Tehrainbowllama

My Skype:

My Xbox Live Gamertag:
Cosmic sky fire


Fanfiction Account:…

FictionPress Account:…


Possible Cosplays:
SAO- Asuna
Panty and Stocking- School Uniform Stocking
Vocaloid- Ia, or Galaco or Mayu
Revolutionary Girl Utena- Utena

Cosplayed so far:
Hetalia- Custom China
Black Cat- Fem. Train Heartnet
Vocaloid- Yukari
OC- Cat school girl
Pokemon- Generation 5 Ash Ketchum
RWBY- Ruby Rose
CardCaptor Sakura- Sakura pink outfit from the 2nd movie


gravitation gif photo:  Ryu-chan.gif

gravitation gif photo:  Kumagorociaociao.gif

madoka magica gif photo: Madoka Magica ff9f316765471a4fa2b66cac99a49ea9dd2ce740.gif

madoka magica gif photo: Mami's Muskets ep2musketsskirt2.gif

Battle High Gallery with Downloadable Content

Battle High images that now have downloadable content

Battle High Crest:
Battle High Crest by SnowLillyYukino

Battle High Emblems:
Star Blazer Sora Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Artemis Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Kirai Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Taiki Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Prism Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Cloud Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Lilly Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Primrose Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Alex Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Venus Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Tripsy Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Amani Emblem by SnowLillyYukino

Star Blazer Amari Emblem by SnowLillyYukino


Soap Spider Adopt Species Name ideas, which one do you like better? 

3 deviants said Spubbles
1 deviant said Bubbiders
1 deviant said Spidlers
1 deviant said Spibbles
1 deviant said Other (Comment name suggestions)
No deviants said Bubbiers
No deviants said Spubblies


[Easter Theme WIP] MoonCricket by SnowLillyYukino
[Easter Theme WIP] MoonCricket
this is one of the Mooncrickets I have been working on for Easter next month. I'm hoping to make it a big batch along with their chibi forms too. I'm using pastel colors since those colors are popular among the Easter time season and I actually like using pastels when I get the chance which isn't often. Anyways I hope you like them when they go up for adoption.
[Open] MoonCricket Plum by SnowLillyYukino
[Open] MoonCricket Plum
This is a whole set, normally it would only be a set of pairs, but I was having fun. Anyways, once paid, I will send the PNG images.

Open- $1/100 Purple Points by Pixelpiggie3

Easter MoonCrickets

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 9:05 PM
Well since the internet had gone down for the past week I had been working on designs for MoonCrickets, and they have bright colorful themes for Easter, so far I've only made one since I'm putting a lot of work into them and working on shading a lot. But they shall be ready in time for April, I will show you a picture of one that I was working on for the past day, the shading is still being experimented with. But the shading will be worked on tonight on my other laptop where I do all my art and MMDing on but it will be switched over to my mom's laptop, the MMDing stuff will be at least so it can open up a ton of space and more speed for my first laptop. Anyways this is the picture of the first easter theme, yes I took a picture of my screen because we had no internet and I couldn't save it to my google drive to save right to my phone but that will be changed later tonight~ (dun judge mah shading its horrible but I changed it)

I'm not sure if this one will go up just yet, but he might~ and as for the texture I was playing with a texture in one of my three art programs I have since I want to learn different kinds and learn different ways of shading with different tools. But if anyone here shows interest in him then he will go up or be just a display xP

Made by: Wolfvids
  • Mood: Eager
  • Watching: Full House
Battle High Crest by SnowLillyYukino
Battle High Crest
Okay, now I had been meaning to make the Battle High Crest for the longest time ever since Battle High was created almost 2-3 years ago, and tonight of all nights I finally came up with many hundreds of ideas. And this was the result I was having fun with Photoshop and playing with all the shapes and coming up with Battle High's Crest for the longest time and I just love how it came out :D I love love love this I think this is the best thing that ever came out of my head onto Photoshop and into something for one of my stories :D

All the colors on this crest came from every characters colors that were on them. I really hope you all like this, I will probably start uploading Battle High chapters slowly on here or start linking the story onto the next banner I make :)


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    Donated Nov 8, 2014, 3:46:40 PM
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New Species- Kaeros +Custom adopt info by SnowLillyYukino

New Species Promotion- Custom AdoptsI adopted This lovely lineart from Nai-Alei and it was so pretty I asked for the unshaded version because I wanted to make one myself for my first one ^.^ thy now have a name, Kaeros (Key-ros), this is the name of the species.  I will be making adoptables with them starting this Friday. I just bought my first tablet so I will be making the designs this week, they won't be that great, but I will make them all with hard work :3

But for now I will open them up for customs to start them off :D
You can pick four colors; two is for the fur and the other two is for the markings. And you can tell me what colors you wish to use for the eyes.
You can pick any pattern you wish, and I will do my best to make it as best as I can and will put a lot of work into it of course ^.^
They will start from 250-350 :points: 
Just comment below and we can talk about it :)
MoonCricket Customs [Open]And it's official MoonCricket customs are now open :D now I have to say it took forever for me to actually find any time between work and helping take care of my mom to find time to myself. But that never stopped me from thinking of ideas c:
I have three different bases that you can choose from, two of which were made by my lovely and nice friend, who was kind enough to make them for me. But Since I can only make them slowly, it takes me a little time to work on them. Not to mention I'm still getting used to using a tablet. Anyways, off to the customs.
First MoonCricket base costs 50:points:
This is my base that I made, and I'm still proud of it.

Second MoonCricket base costs 100:points:

Third MoonCricket base costs 100:points:

Now, if you want all three bases, it will be more expensive since it takes a little more time, and the price will also be a little more

The people in this box are Artists that I look up to :D

The people in this box are MMDers that I look up to :D



Thank you for the watch! <3
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 10:33 AM
Wonderful art you have! :D
Sat Mar 29, 2014, 12:55 PM


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What's a tartan xD 
Miku-Nyan02 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Patterning similar to this:…
The one I'm using is all different shades of red.
Do you mind that? XD
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That's looks cool I don't mind xD 
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